Since our launch, SMO has succeeded in achieving phenomenal reach and engagement levels with our audience. The reasons for this are two-fold:

  • We are fulfilling a need in the local area for people to consume information, pictures and results across all local and sport in schools
  • We have worked hard to reach out to as many organisations as possible across all sports to ensure our platform fulfils a wide variety of needs and gives back to local sport

Now it’s time for local businesses to get involved with SMO and share in our success.


How can you get involved?

At SMO, we believe in giving back to local sport and the people who commit their time into ensuring clubs and sessions stay alive. We also believe in keeping things relevant and so we are looking for key partners across a number of areas related to our audience and offer three different types of ways to get involved:

Advertise – if you simply have a product or service related to sports or one of our pages, talk to us about our highly effective banner adverts which start from just £10 a week !

SMO Deals – if you have a fast moving product or service that you feel may be of interest to local sports teams or families, talk to us about being a ‘Deal’ partner. Our deals work to ensure as a business, outlay on advertising spend is kept to a minimum while impact on your business is high.

SMO Partners – we are looking for an exclusive set of partners to join SMO in providing expertise and content in exchange for inclusion within our site and social media channels. Flex Health are currently our exclusive health partner, and we are now looking for partners for:

  • Club/team kit providers
  • Club/kit cleaners
  • Sports Equipment
  • Events and fundraising
  • Transport and travel
  • Family fun
  • Eating out
  • Fitness/Gym providers
  • Club finances, insurance and legal
  • Ground maintenance
  • Sporting Holidays
  • Community
  • Marketing
  • Trophies, medals and rosettes

SMO 2016 FanSheet


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