Apr 9, 2016
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Box 2 Box for Hall Road Rangers' young ones

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After an Easter break for our grassroots teams what better way to get back into action then a split training session for both of our under 8 teams!!

The day started out as normal with all the kids running around with a ball at their feet enjoying the freedom to show off their tricks and working off all their Easter treats!! They then did a session on midfield play, supporting defenders and attackers it’s great to coach kids at this age because they are so full enthusiasm and energy.

The afternoon took a different twist it was time to hit the gym at Vulcan ABC..” 8 year olds going to the gym???” I hear you say!! The children loved it stepping into the boxing ring and being put through their paces, learning to duck and throw combinations. “Step in, one two back out again, on your toes” where the instructions from their new coach. Sounds pretty similar to a football match to me!

I enjoyed watching the session as much as I enjoy coaching my own, children of this age should have the opportunity to try and play or take part in as many different sports as possible. It’s all about fun, seeing them working hard, taking instructions, learning something new and yet doing so with a smile on their face.
I hope they all sleep well and are fighting fit to hit the pitches again tomorrow and who knows maybe our midfielders might remember their role on a football pitch is box to box!!!

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