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Whether you’re not as mobile as you once were, you’re prone to injuries or you just simply miss the game, Hornsea Walking Football is one of many local clubs that allow you to play Football at your own pace, and of course, get back playing and enjoying football, with the challenge of not running.

In early June 2015, Hornsea Walking Football club was set up to offer the older generation of footballers or those who suffer injuries a chance to get back up and playing as well as competing with players of the same age and ability in a challenging yet fun hours game of football. Not only does it allow members to enjoy playing the game they love, but it has plenty of more perks to offer. Chris Smith, the stand-in Chairman and a player for Hornsea Walking Football Club believes that the regular and intensive exercise benefits those who play, he also touched on how “The social interaction is particularly important for individuals with mental health issues”. After a trip down to watch and even play with the members, it was evident to see that the social aspect of the club was very welcoming and engaging. For example if someone can’t resist the urge to break into a light jog or another misses a sitter, there is never a dull moment, always greeted with a laugh. The lighthearted atmosphere between the members, along with the competitive nature of the sport creates a thoroughly enjoyable, friendly and engaging hour of football.

Hornsea Walking Football club also delivers the opportunity for those who aren’t as involved in sports anymore the chance to keep active and stay fit, Vice Stand-in Chairman and player, Mike Evans talked of how it had been around twenty five years since he had last played football until he ventured across walking football, he added “If you have played the game, I think it is always in your blood and walking football gives you the chance to prolong an active life, improve your health and fitness… and to meet a group of like minded blokes who like a lot of banter”. Mike also praised how walking football has helped with the problems in his legs, which he no longer has, with help from the approximate 6,000 steps he takes per session, measured by a step monitoring watch.

Hornsea Walking Football are looking to expand and widen the awareness of the club, with members from surrounding villages and even Hull joining the club. With the Hornsea 3G Pitch only recently being opened in July 2015, costing over £500,000, it is the perfect venue to play some great football. The organisation believe the pitches can facilitate for four games to be played simultaneously. So if you’re looking to get active, get involved and play some walking football, Hornsea Walking Football club is definitely worth a try, operating twice a week, Tuesday 18:30-19:30 and Sunday 9:30-10:30. Come give it a go!

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The Scene Is Set

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