The end of an era, unless YOU can help!

In life, some things come and go; They have their time, and that can be accepted in many instances – nothing is forever.

But when a man, completely selfless of his own time and money dedicates a life time to helping sportsmen, women and children of all ages and qualities to keep active and fit, it feels wrong that it should end.

Whilst Johnny Whiteley is a man in demand with requests to attend functions, award ceremonies, guest speaker appearances and more, he always finds time to run 2 free training sessions a week, that he created over 50 years ago.

“Change!” can be heard over 100 times a session as Johnny would rally the trainers to move to the next station, ensuring there’s no rest until the very end.

There’s been many a fit athlete walk into Johnny’s, only to limp out not having experienced such high intensity and endurance in such a small space.

The home of Johnny’s gym until recently was Hawthorn Avenue, formerly Chalk Lane, who are one of the teams that have trained with Johnny for decades.

After the demolition of most of Hawthorn Avenue in recent years, Johnny’s was relocated to the Hull Collegiate School, with the help of Chalk Lane stalwart Christopher Wainman, who has a senior management role within the school.

Unfortunately the possibility of hosting Johnny’s equipment is no longer viable, and this has left a huge void for both the Chalk Lane football club, the many people that attend twice a week and mainly the man that has selflessly offered support – Johnny Whiteley!

If you know of any location that can house the equipment in a suitable location where access is available on an evening, just 2 nights a week, we’d love you to come forward.

In a world where the government spend millions to keep people active, this fantastic man has been helping people do it for free for decades! He’s been in front of the curve for over 50 years.

If you know of any viable venues, please contact us on 07540 770 889 or

Below is a video of the last session possible at Hull Collegiate School.

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