Aug 9, 2016
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Be an FM17 Scout for North Ferriby United!

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Fancy yourself as a scout?

Football Manager are currently looking for researchers to join their scouting network, and help make future editions of the game as accurate as can be.

They have a number of exciting vacancies available including…

Aston Villa, Fulham, Guiseley, Hartlepool United, Middlesbrough, Millwall, Northampton Town, North Ferriby United, Oldham Athletic, Sheffield United, Southport, Sutton United.

They also welcome speculative applications to research all clubs throughout the English pyramid, so if your clubs is not listed above and you’re keen to get involved –  get in touch with them on their research forum.

If you’re based in a country outside of the UK and would like to help scout your club or league, please follow the instructions on our forum and they’ll put you in touch with the relevant Head Researcher for your nation.

But what does the research involve?

Football Manager write…


Applicants will have both a huge passion for and extensive knowledge of their club. In fact, you ought to be obsessive about the level of detail that FM can hold for your club in our database, both for the playing and non-playing staff and for the club information such as kits, finances and records. We would expect you to be a season ticket holder (or regular matchgoer) for your club. We do need that person to follow (or watch, if possible) the reserves and the youth team so that we can accurately simulate those squads’ abilities in our game too. We would prefer the researcher to be a local to the town, to be best positioned to attend as many games as possible.

It is also a basic requirement that we would demand that the researcher be an avid FM gamer who understands how the game and the data work.

We would also expect you to understand the inadequacies of your playing and non-playing staff and be sensible about their level of skill. We are NOT looking for someone who will want to use this opportunity to wilfully increase the abilities of his club’s players.

Appointed researchers must have a basic level of computer skills. They must be capable of downloading zipped files from an ftp internet site and of using those zipped files once saved locally, using editors that we will provide for you. Also, the appointed researcher must be prepared to contribute to the official SI Data Issues forum here as well as be an active member of the SI Researcher Network researcher-only forum (SIREN). With the growth of these Forum communities, this is an essential factor.

We would prefer a researcher to be the type who will keep the flow of information coming rather than disappear off our radar for weeks or months.

The role is also about keeping us up to date of all transfers at the club, as well as being sensible about the financial position. If you want to give your team an unrealistic transfer or wage budget in the game, then please do not apply. If you are interested in your club’s financial situation in real life and how that is represented in FM, then please do apply!

In fact, if it is in the database for your club, we want your help to keep it updated! We would expect you to consider yourself THE authority on your club, rather than being a passive observer of them.


The task involves giving fair and as-accurate-as-possible ratings to every aspect of each player’s game, including reserves and youth players, as well as identifying the qualities of the non-playing staff such as managers and coaches.

The work involves a thrice-yearly thorough working through of the staff and club data files, using a provided editing package that is simple to use. For the usual winter Data Update, at the end of the season and at the start of the next season, we would expect the researcher to assess the data for his club in this manner.

During the rest of the year, we need to be kept up to date with transfers and contract news, as well as info on the club debts/finances, so that every bit of Information that FM uses about your club is as accurate as it can be at all times. It Is the task of the researcher to provide the info, and to be up to date with the news from the club.

So, it will be the appointed researcher’s call as to how your manager’s designated formations, or your first-team goalkeeper’s decisions attribute read for any future Football Manager games or official data updates.

In the last year we have successfully appointed new researchers for many clubs, including a large number of those from appeals to these forums. Indeed, several appointed researchers have been after they were identified as being a suitable candidate based on their postings in this and other SI forums. (That includes Head Researcher level and Assistant-Head Researcher level as well as at a club-specific level).

Those who are active researchers get a lot more out of the role than those who simply submit files when requested, so please bear that in mind.

We do not pay club researchers, unfortunately, though we do provide a free advanced copy of any Football Manager PC game that you have worked towards. All researchers are included in the credits for any game that they have worked towards. We have heard from several current and past researchers that having a voluntary role as a researcher for Football Manager is a great addendum to their CV, and has helped their applications for employment or for study to stand out to prospective employers.

Your reward is knowing that you have helped contribute to the FM series and that your team’s data is as accurate as you would like it to be yourself.

Please email or PM me if you are willing to apply for an English research vacancy. Your help would be much appreciated. My email is dean(at)

Here’s a link to the page on FM –


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