Jun 21, 2016
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Giving injury the elbow with Tommy Coyle

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[Source: Flex Health]

Tommy approached us in December after having an operation on his elbow. His surgeon had stated that his rehabilitation period would be 9-12 months. Tommy was keen to go through this period and be led by the surgeon and our rehabilitation methods. We explained to Tommy, that rehabilitation was a long process that involved a lot of dedication and hard work, something that he knew very well.

We started with ensuring he regained full range of movement at this elbow and removing any swelling, this is known as the acute phase of rehab. Arguably the most the crucial stage as we believe if you get this process right the rest falls in to place. For a patient like Tommy (who is extremely restless) this proved difficult at times and I am sure we wouldn’t mind us saying he was a pain in the backside. However, he listened to us and did everything the surgeon and we asked of him, he just wanted to get back to some activity as quickly as possible.

We then moved in to the more functional stage of his rehabilitation. This was the bit Tommy enjoyed the most. As he had been very strict with the initial stages of his rehabilitation, Tommys improvement was drastic and was well ahead of where he should have been. The time frame for his rehabilitation had dropped from 9-12 months to 4-6 months. We planned a very functional strategy with Tommy, to recreate the situations he would often find himself in when boxing. He saw us 5-6 times a week, repeating the same movements to develop his upper and lower arm strength. We used alternatives strategies such as using electrical stimulation with exercise to increase his muscle bulk. We focused on improving his speed and co-ordination and ensured he was in excellent physical condition moving into his boxing training camp.

On returning to see the surgeon in April, he stated that Tommy had progressed so significantly that he could return for his first competitive match in May. This was fantastic news. With 4 weeks of rehabilitation left after this news we recreated boxing sparring and tested his elbow in weakened positions to ensure he was totally confident returning to the ring.

“These guys were superb, and got me back in half the time and all the rehab was extremely specific” Tommy Coyle.

Tommy had his first fight in May and won. He is now focusing on the title belt! Congratulations Tommy and good luck.


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