Feb 8, 2017
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Hall Road Welcome New Dedicated Vice Chairman

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Lee Myers has been confirmed as the new Vice Chairman of Hall Road Rangers.

The appointment comes following years of commitment to the Hall Road cause from Myers and his appointment is well received by all at the club. Myers takes on the role from Steve Dixon who was appointed in the summer but due to other commitments has had to vacate the position.

It all started for Lee, when he became involved with Hall Road Rangers through a neighbour, whose father is familiar in the history of Hall Road Rangers.

“I came on board primarily as a photographer.” Myers recalls
“At the time my next door neighbour was James Smailes, the son of Bob who at the time was Hall Road chairman.

James and I became good friends and he asked why don’t you come down to Hall Road and take some pictures that they can use for their website.
At the time I was keen to build my own portfolio within sports photography.
Like people within non-league football do, I came down to Dene Park at the time and looked around the place and saw some of the other things that needed doing and thought I’ll just do that, or take that role on.”

Myers also admitted his enjoyment and passion continued to grow as he became more involved with the club.

“I started helping to build bars, like the one we are hoping to open soon downstairs, erecting fences, there is a soccer school which wants developing and you end up doing all sorts really and not been pigeon-holed to one role.”

Lee, is a family man as well, and aside from his voluntary role with Hall Road is a Marine Surveyor by trade.

He does admit that his role within football does have an aspect of taking over his life but wouldn’t change anything about it.

Myers confessed:

“I often joke that Haworth Park is my second home.
I love it here, it’s great and it can be very rewarding.
There is no greater feeling when on a Sunday morning you have 200 kids piling in and you think to yourself I’ve been a part of creating that.
I hate to see failure and that primarily is why I get involved to such the level I do.
I looked at the club’s history, and it has a proud one.”

Although progress has been monumental on the pitch this season, the progress the club has made in other areas since Lee’s arrival also deserves recognition and is something Lee has played a staunch role in building.

“We had seven teams initially when I joined and they ranged from junior sides all the way up to the first team.
We now have something in the region of twenty-three teams.”

Myers biggest personal achievement at the club has come recently, when he agreed to help run his girls team who are under the Hall Road umbrella.

“I’m especially proud of the Under 14-s girls team I have taken on.
We had no girls teams or ladies teams at one point but for the start of next season we will have seven.”

As a very highly valued member of the volunteers at the club, Lee was also happy to heap praise on those he works with closely on a daily basis.

“I have to chuck buckets of compliments at Darren Sunley, as he has that same vision for the club as I do, we want it to be successful, as in fact we all do.
I’m also thankful to all the others that give their time to the club.
Alan Chaplin who has given 15 years to the club stands out in particular, and now Neil Winsor who has comandeered my role of Press Officer, but all joking aside that is great also and allows me to concentrate on other areas.
My spelling was atrocious anyway!”

With progression very much at the forefront of Lee’s mind, he remains ecstatic with the performances of the first team and their progression under Dave Ricardo this season.

“When we started this season we put in place a budget for the players as the majority of teams at this level do.

Martin Thacker did a fantastic job last season with what he had available, he moved on to follow his son’s football career so Dave came in, and with the limited budget we have given him he’s done wonders.

He has brought some fantastic players in and I’m sure the fans will agree, the standard and level of football is superb.

It is attractive, good quality football.”

The club have moved to appoint Lee and although he isn’t comfortable with a title or moniker, he is very pleased to be able to take the Vice Chairman job on.

“It was a role that needed filling and as previous I am very happy to be the one to fill it.

It’s a title to be honest I maybe wasn’t expecting but one that I am very happy to have.”

“There have been a lot of Mr Hall Road Rangers down the years, people like Ted Richardson, Bob Smailes and Alan Chaplin.

It’s not something that I go looking for, its something other people have given me and is a title others are probably more worthy of having.

I’m just happy with Lee!”

So with the future extremely exciting for those connected with the club, what does Lee hope to bring to the role?

“On a personal standpoint I’ll bring what I have always brought to the club and that’s enthusiasm, with a hint of dry comedy as well!

I do believe what non-league clubs should be all about and that’s a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, the supporters pay their money and deserve to be welcomed and also a ground that deserves their attention, as opposed to the seemingly always pristine top flight stadiums such as the KCom Stadium.

Coming down here on a Saturday afternoon or a freezing cold Tuesday night is a different experience but it’s always attracted me to non-league football, and will continue to do so.”

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