Aug 2, 2016
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Hull Pirates Fixtures

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Hull Pirates have announced their full fixture list for the upcoming 2016/17 EPIHL season.

The Pirates begin the season on the road against Manchester before returning the following day to host defending champions Basingstoke in the first game on home ice.

The season concludes in mid-March, with Hull travelling to Bracknell for the final away game of the regular season before hosting Sheffield Steeldogs in a Yorkshire derby on the final day of the 2016/17 regular campaign.

The season is made up of 54 games, with 27 of those being played at home at the Hull Arena.

Unless otherwise stated, all home games will be a 6pm faceoff on a Saturday, a 5:30pm faceoff on a Sunday and 7:30pm faceoff on a weekday.

The Pirates will also be facing the Billingham Stars on the weekend of the 27th/28th August in two challenge games, with the home leg being hosted on Sunday 28th August.

The following weekend, Hull will then face EPL rivals Telford Tigers in two more challenge games, with the game at the Hull Arena being on Saturday 3rd September.

This season, there will be a change to the end of season playoff format. Teams that finish in 1st, 4th, 5th and 8th places in the league will go into Group 1 and Group 2 comprises of the teams which finished 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 7th. The top two placed teams in each group will progress to the playoff finals weekend at the Skydome Arena in Coventry on 8th-9th April.

Below, is the full list of the 2016/17 Hull Pirates EPIHL fixtures:

Hull Pirates fixtures 2016/17 (home side v away side)

September 10th – Manchester v Hull

September 11th – Hull v Basingstoke

September 17th – Sheffield v Hull

September 18th – Hull v Swindon

September 24th – MK v Hull

September 25th – Hull v Sheffield

October 1st –   Hull v Peterborough

October 2nd –   Guildford v Hull

October 8th –   Basingstoke v Hull

October 9th –   Hull v MK

October 15th –   Swindon v Hull

October 16th –   Hull v Guildford

October 22nd –   Peterborough v Hull

October 23rd –   Hull v Swindon

October 26th –   Hull v Manchester

October 29th –   Hull v Telford

October 30th –   Manchester v Hull

November 6th –     Hull v Bracknell

November 12th –   Hull v Peterborough

November 13th –   Guildford v Hull

November 19th –   Hull v Telford

November 20th –   Peterborough v Hull

November 26th –   MK v Hull

November 27th –   Hull v Basingstoke

December 3rd –     Bracknell v Hull

December 4th –     Hull v Guildford

December 11th –   Hull v MK

December 17th –   Telford v Hull

December 18th –   Hull v Swindon

December 26th –   Hull v Sheffield (faceoff time TBC)

December 28th –   Sheffield v Hull

January 1st –   Telford v Hull

January 2nd –   Manchester v Hull

January 7th –   Swindon v Hull

January 8th –   Hull v Manchester

January 14th –   MK v Hull

January 15th –        Hull v Bracknell

January 21st –   Peterborough v Hull

January 22nd –   Sheffield v Hull

January 28th –   Basingstoke v Hull

January 29th –   Hull v Guildford

February 1st –   Hull v Telford

February 4th –   Hull v Manchester

February 5th –   Bracknell v Hull

February 11th –   Basingstoke v Hull

February 12th –   Hull v Bracknell

February 19th –   Hull v Basingstoke

February 25th –   Guildford v Hull

February 26th –   Hull v MK

March 4th –   Hull v Peterborough

March 5th –   Telford v Hull

March 11th –   Swindon v Hull

March 18th –   Bracknell v Hull

March 19th –   Hull v Sheffield

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