Feb 8, 2017
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Important East Riding County FA Update

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The East Riding County have issued some important information regarding club safety and criminal record checks. The statement below is straight from the East Riding County FA website.

Criminal Record Checks for those working with Children

As part of our safeguarding children strategy, The FA requires those working in eligible roles with children and young people to pass a criminal records check. This is in line with legislation and government guidance and is standard practice.
We provide the framework and guidance for Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks in football and the leagues and clubs then have to implement this to ensure that those who are required to have checks done, do so. Checks are now processed electronically, ensuring that people can be confirmed to work with children and young people swiftly.

Club Safeguarding Commitment

You will no doubt recall that your Club signed up to the Safeguarding Commitment back in December last year. We sincerely thank each and everyone of our clubs that readily agreed to the commitment to ensure we have a safe an environment as possible for the young people involved in the game.

With this in mind, you’ll have already received a letter from The FA Chairman, Greg Clarke, outlining the next steps working towards your commitment.

This step is to ensure all managers/coaches of children’s football teams have an in date, FA enhanced Criminal Record Check.

All Club Secretaries and Club Welfare Officers can see the qualifications and expiry dates for each of the managers or coaches within their club. you can do this by accessing the Whole Game System https://wholegame.thefa.com and click on the Club Secretary or Welfare Officer tab.

You will then see Club officials on the left side. Once you open that, you’ll access the names of all of those named as a manager or a coach and when you click on their name, all the information to including CRC expiry date is visible.

You will be personally contacted on the 8th February 2017 with the names of any managers or coaches that are yet to complete a CRC or renew their existing one.

*Please be advised that managers and coaches that do not comply with the CRC policy will result in the club being suspended from the 28th February deadline as started in the Chairman’s letter.

Online Safeguarding Children Recertification & Criminal Record Checks

By logging into the Whole Game System, you can check against the records of each person associated with your club including dates of safeguarding training and CRC compliance etc.

If you find that some members of your club need to update their Safeguarding Children training, you can do this free of charge and online. Please Click here on how to gain access to the free online course.

Your Club Welfare Officer should also be utilised in monitoring this information and to support the club by conducting any new or update existing criminal record checks. If the CWO needs any help with criminal record checks, please contact steve.lazenby@eastridingfa.com immediately. Steve will be able to offer any advice to assist in the simple process of conducting these vital checks.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for continuing to play your part in making football fun and safe for everyone at your club.

And remember

Lets make football safe, not sorry

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