Dec 8, 2016
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Man v Fat Ready for Hull

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Want to lose weight in the new year? achieve that by doing the thing you love. Man v Fat Football, a successful weightless programme that has helped so many on and off the pitch, is coming to Goals Hull in January.

Man v Fat is your typical 6-a-side football league, consisting of 30 minute games, but with a twist. It is modified for men who are overweight and want to lose weight, and feel confident about themselves. Founder Andrew Shanahan shed praise towards how it is a “very inclusive league for guys who want to get back into football and lose some weight” what’s so unique about Man v Fat is that it offers non-playing roles on the teams, for example if you feel your weight does restrict you from running and playing, you can still gain your team points – without ever kicking a ball.
Teams gain points by what happens on the pitch as well as how much weight they lose – no shortage of encouragement and plenty of room for involvement.

The success of Man v Fat boasts that in 2016, the programme helped men lose over seven tonnes of fat. Andrew, who used to be overweight reflected on ‘how miserable it made him and how much it separated him from what he wanted to be doing’ all while looking for support. Now Andy has set up Man v Fat to offer that support and motivation, and added that there are so many other benefits. ‘There are huge improvements in social isolation, improvements on mental health and physical health’.

Andrew Shanahan – Who beat obesity

Man v Fat has seen players reversing diabetes and coming off their blood pressure medication through participation. Mr Shanahan praised the ‘incredible impact that football has had on people’s lives’. On January 17th Hull’s first session will take place from 7pm – 9pm at Goals Hull.

For success stories, statistics and much more information about Man v Fat football, visit their website

So if you’re looking to lose weight or regain that confidence through Football, give this FA Endorsed league a go!

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