Play Netball sessions start in Hull from 20th June !

Anyone interested in getting into Netball can try one of the Play Netball sessions that commence in Hull from 20th June at North Sirius Academy. Sessions take place weekly on Monday evenings and the match times are 19:00, 19:40 and 20:20 for 10 weeks.

There are a range of joining options available for teams and individuals as follows:


Play Netball will link you up with like minded players to form a team of 7 or 10.


If you can produce a team of 7/10 people on a weekly basis, joining as a team is the option for you.


Play Netball can link other like minded people also unable to get a full team together to create a team of 7/10 players.

All you have to do is express an interest online here. 

Play Netball





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