Pro View – Alignment with Rich Pace

Alignment – one of the first ‘fundamentals’ which is taught to beginners and learners, where your feet in theory be parallel to the target.

I have been saying for years that alignment at address is not as important as most golfers believe it to be. For most this will be difficult to read, as ensuring that they are ‘square to the target’ is a staple part of many golfers pre-shot routines.

If you were to hit the ball straight, then I can understand the idea of aiming straight at the target, but with so many variables involved in hitting a golf shot, the straight shot is the hardest shot to hit in the game.

Personally I curve the ball from Left-to-Right from the tee, my preferred shot shape being a cut or fade. As a result, I know my feet will be aiming an appropriate amount left so the ball can finish in the fairway, this may be in the left rough, or occasionally even further left.

Unfortunately among the amateur game, poor alignment is considered to be one of the main reasons for club golfers hitting off-line golf shots, with playing partners often responding to a wayward shot by saying “look where you are aiming”.

If I aim left to hit my fade, and the ball goes left, is that purely down to where my feet are aiming……NO! I may have closed the clubface prior to impact, starting the ball too far left. I may also have struck the ball a little from the toe. These are just two of the many possible reasons why the ball will have gone left, neither of which have anything to do with my feet alignment!

The key to learning your correct alignment, is to first understand your own shot tendencies then build your own alignment around them – do not believe that you have to align yourself square to a target – as after all, where is your target?!

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