Dec 7, 2016
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Pro View – Get a Grip!

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No matter how much people want to believe there is a perfect grip, there cannot be one!

Often I get asked in lessons whether a golfer’s grip is ok…..before I watch them hit a golf shot.

How can I possibly comment on something purely based on looks without understanding how it fits into their individual swing pattern.

Whether you hold the club with a Baseball grip. Interlocking Grip or Overlapping Grip; whether on the back of the top hand you are showing 2 knuckles, 3 knuckles or just the one, each component of that grip will begin the determine what type of shot you hit.

Simply by changing someone’s grip, you may change their whole golf swing without knowing, and not always in positive way.

A golfer will generally swing the club in response to where the face is pointing during the golf swing. An open face in the downswing, will usually cause the golfer to aim left and swing left in an effort to get the ball to target. The result – a Slice.

Grip is not the only thing that controls where the face is pointing in the swing, however it is a component of it.

When it comes to your grip, the only rule I use is whether you are able to control the clubface throughout the swing and through impact – If you are then your grip is ok.

Currently the biggest flaw I see in golfer’s grips is that many (NOT ALL) simply do not hold the club tight enough.

For too long, golfers have been trying to hold a club as if holding the proverbial ‘baby bird’ or ‘tube of toothpaste’. I challenge you to swing a club at 85 mph holding a club as lightly as a tube of toothpaste…..

Research with PGA Tour players has shown that on average they hold a club with 50kg of pressure. The amateur golfers tested in the same study, only held the club with 30kg of pressure.

I see far too many golfers letting go of the club during the swing as a result of trying to hold the club lightly. Clearly letting go of the club during the swing will severely reduce the chances of you controlling the clubface.

The next time you are practicing, experiment with different grips, to see how it affects the clubface during the swing. You never know, a slight tweak to your grip may the answer you are looking for!

The next time someone comes to you and says that you MUST hold the club in a particular way, and is unable to provide you with any evidence that would support any change in your current grip, in the politest way possible, ignore what is being said.

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