Pro View – Rich Pace – Head Down

My biggest pet hate in my coaching, and something I literally hear hundreds of times a week, is when a golfer tells me the reason why they hit a bad shot, or topped the ball is because they lifted their head, or took their eye off the ball.

Even with video evidence, confirming my words that they did not in fact lift their head, many golfers still find it difficult to believe. But here are the hard facts.

Impact, defined as the time it takes for the club to collide with the ball then for the ball to leave the clubface, lasts about 0.0004 seconds (on an average tee shot). This may slightly change with club selection and shot choice, but research has shown that it does not change that drastically.

To put this into perspective, impact is about 800 quicker than the speed of your sight!

Next time you play try standing to the side of your player partner while they are hitting a shot and stare as hard as you can at the ball while they swing. I absolutely guarantee that you WILL NOT be able to see the club hit the ball!

I can hear you all saying, well the best players on the planet keep their head down through impact.

In reality because most of the golfers on tour are highly flexible and incredibly strong ATHLETES, they are able to maintain that position, mostly due to their postural strength and stability

So what should you look at when addressing the ball? Honest answer is anything. Once you find something that works, whether it be looking at a blade of grass behind the ball a specific dimple or marking on the ball, keep repeating that same focus if it works FOR YOU.

Golf is one of the only sports on the planet where we are NOT looking at the target. Think of any throwing sport, and even football, at the moment of the strike, you WILL NOT be looking at the ball, but where you want the object to go!

Moving forward with your golf, don’t fear moving your head. Allow your torso to move naturally and it will all fall into place.

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