Aug 11, 2016
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Pro View – Rich Pace – Consistency

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Jim Furyks four rounds at the Travelers Championship last week on the PGA Tour were 73, 66, 72, 58…..yes you read that a 58.

Many golfers come into my studio and mention their desire to be a consistent golfer. Looking at the above scores from Furyk, can you honestly say that he had a consistent week?

From a coaching perspective, I believe that a lot of inconsistency is developed through mindset rather than technique. The amount of times I see and hear of the following situation pretty much backs up my statement. For illustrative purposes this is an 18 handicap golfer.

“I started off really well and was 3 over gross through 6 holes. Then I made one bad swing and I went AWOL for the next ten holes, but I finished with a par and a birdie and finished in my buffer zone”.

When you get to the bottom of the story, you realise what has happened, and often it can be very straight forward. I often uncover that after that ‘bad’ swing they made on hole 7, a new swing thought was required, which essentially unravelled the technique that they have been using to play so well for the first six holes.

This is not uncommon, and it makes me wonder why this happens so regularly.

I believe the root cause of the problem is a club golfers ‘dream’ to have a repeatable golf swing. One which they can rely on in any situation and one which hits the ball straight! How many times in a round of golf do you truly hit the same shot twice………NEVER.

The wind direction, the lie, the slope of the green, the distance will constantly be different. As a result in my opinion a golfer doesn’t need a repeatable golf swing; merely one which can meet the changing demands facing the golfer.

Lets look at the tee shots of a course I played recently. The first and second holes require a small fade from the tee. The third needs a small draw, the fourth is a par three, then the fifth requires a draw.

So if the demands of the first five holes are all different, how can ONE repeatable swing meet those demands. Quite simply – it can’t!

I also believe that a golf swing will automatically change based on the environmental factors the golfer finds themselves in. A golfer who generally fades the ball, will likely pull the ball further left when hitting into a Left to Right wind. An automated response to not wanting to lose the ball right.

The same thing can happen with a putter or a wedge. So how can a golfer overcome this problem I hear you ask. For me it is simple, embrace it and learn to use it to your advantage. If you turn up one day and are hitting a draw, don’t try to correct it, play with it. The next day if you turn up with a fade, PLAY with it.

Remember, Tour Pro’s are not consistent golfers, but they are really good at handling their inconsistencies!

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