Reinvent Your Workout at Calisthenics Parks

Have you ever wanted to change your workout or test your bodies capability? Calisthenics Parks Hull are a body weight exercise gym where you can see what you’re physically really capable of doing, where you can put yourself to the test.

Calisthenics are exercises using the weight of your own body to build muscles, these alternative forms of exercises are intended to increase body strength, fitness, flexibility and more, all through different body movements.

This unique yet stylish gym offers a wide range of ‘handmade, aesthetically pleasing equipment with engraved motivational quotes to inspire and push you forward’ and as they evolve, they also promise that the gym will evolve with new equipment to keep training fresh and fun.

Here’s just some of what the gym has to offer

If it all looks new and frightening to you, have no worries, Calisthenic Parks Manager, Levi Shearsmith, believes anyone can get into calisthenics, just like any sport or activity, he added ‘They all start young and get pushed into it but at the end of the day any age can do it! I’ve seen older guys and women do it before over the age of 70!’

The benefits from these enduring exercises apposed to a traditional gym is that with calisthenics, ‘It is better for your joints and you tend to get a lot stronger from these exercises as well as enjoying yourself!’.

Get fit and strong through trying new workouts like this

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Not only does it offer a unique way of progressing yourself but the Calisthenics Parks team take pride in looking after members and clients, helping them achieve their goals. Levi ensured ‘We offer help no matter what whilst we are there free of charge, so even beginners can join up and get free help! We have seen a lot of progression in our members all ready!’

‘There is no greater feeling than being able to do something that two weeks ago was impossible’ is just on eopf the quotes the gym stands by.

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If you need motivation, the gym aim to be a supportive community, Levi explained, ‘we help people progress by giving them rewards, such as if they pick a goal for example, 10 muscle ups and then they achieve them, later on they will receive a t-shirt or a hoodie or any other type of clothing. We do weekly battles which is just a load of fun with everyone cheering each other on.
They aim to be a family orientated gym where everyone communicates with each other and everyone helps each other out, creating a friendly and encouraging atmosphere.

Even the BBC’s BAFTA-winning English Naturalist Steve Backshall has had his go training here.

So why not give this efficient and challenging workout a go! Calesthenics Parks proves to be the perfect place for this. They will help you achieve your goal, better yourself and get the best out of your body, all in a new, up to date stylish gym.

For more details and contact information, visit there website

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