Sir Alex Who?

The fans and media would have you believe there’s complete anarchy and the end is nigh.

However, if you had a pound invested, your opinion could be quite different.

Sure, the landscape is very different and there are’nt 2 marauding wingers creating endless chances for the masses like “the good ‘ol days”, but things are far from disastrous for the Red Devils.

In 2013, Sir Alex Ferguson stepped down after 27 illustrious years of success, which made the Scotsman one of, if not thee most celebrated managers of all time.

Continuous success and domination made United the most feared club in the world.

Ok, the top may 4 seem light years away and their manager is anything but the special one; But, they’re still feared and they’re still very much revered in the footballing world!

Manchester United have increased revenue by £300m in the time Ferguson has left the hot seat and their commercial value has become unrivalled.

So, whilst the reds on the west coast are chasing their first taste for 28 years and the noisy neighbours are revelling in their new found glory, the old guard are reaching new heights beyond success on the pitch.

We all ponder why Mourinho, the commercial magnet isn’t being shown the door, but think about the stakeholder. Are they really unhappy? Sure there are targets, there are on-field goals, but what’s the priority for the Glazers?

I’m not convinced they’re as unhappy as the fan sat in the Stretford End pulling his or her hair out with the fact they haven’t seen a shot on target for 76 minutes. I’m not even sure it reaches the board room!

In fact the idea of success is now so far apart from the way in which it was measured, the club has gone beyond what happens at 3 o’clock on a Saturday afternoon.

Let’s take the current crop; Paul Pogba had the opportunity of proving his absolute worth at Old Trafford against the club he made his name and FOR the club that broke the record books – Yet I’m not sure the commentator said his name more than 15 times.

Manchester United is the biggest football club in the world regardless of the fact they now have Ashley Young wearing the captains armband. (Who would have predicted that 5 years ago?)

The landscape is very very different.

Start to read between the lines, and see past the 4:45pm results.

It’s become even more than winning trophies.


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