Nov 6, 2016
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SMOinspire | Success comes in many forms

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When a young Harry Walton stepped foot into The Hull Boxing Centre nearly 4 years, little did he know how much his life was to change.

HBC founder Stevie Smith tells the story…

“Today I wanted to share a success story about one of my boxers, I opened the club in January 2011 & at the time I was working with professional boxers, but started a few open boxing fitness sessions for kids & adults, built a small team up & affiliated for our first amateur season around Sept 2012. 

Sometime in 2013 a young lad came to start the boxing fitness sessions, he was around 11/12 at the time, he joined really just to get fit & lose some weight. After participating in two sessions a week he started to feel the benefits of working out & asked if he could join in with the boxers sessions so he could increase his workouts from twice a week to 4-5 times a week & have some help with diet & nutrition, and so the journey began..

This young man is called Harry Walton , since joining back in 2013 he lost 3 stone, he’s still with me now & he’s become the clubs most improved boxer.


Massive we’ll done Harry , he’s proof in the pudding that if you want something bad enough & set your mind to it & pursue with passion & determination you really can achieve your goals 👏👏”

Always believe & never give up.. Winners never quit & quitters never win 👊

Stevie welcomes all men, woman and children to The Hull Boxing Centre and you can find the fitness sessions timetable here.

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