Spinks is on fire!

With 7 in 4 for Chris Spinks, there’s talk of Spinks on Fire being released for the Christmas Number 1!

#SMOmeets talks to the man who’s got his shooting boots on to see what he’s all about.

Tell SMO fans about what position you play and why you like playing there?

In the hole, number 10, I get plenty of the ball, I get to create chances, as well as scoring!

Which is going well at the minute!

What made you go to Hall Road Rangers from Westella, a club you’ve been close to for a few years?

The group of players that the gaffer has got together in preseason excited me. They were putting together a large squad that I wanted to be part of.

It was a hard decision, but the quality is there to see. We’ve got strength in depth and I think we can win things this season.

As well as playing for Rico and Billy Gill, I like the way the club is run now, a lot different to recent years. The club has really gone on to another level on and off the pitch, and I think it’s really going places.

Where are Hall Road finishing this season then?

Definitely top 6, plays offs a must, automatic promotion would be nice, but top 6 is our first target.

You play up top with Phillo, what’s he like and are you happy with the partnership so far?

He’s a top lad, started really well and whilst he’s having a bit of a baron spell, he’s a goal scorer and they’ll come flooding back soon enough. We’ve got a good understanding, he’s a great target man, we bounce off each other, we’re different so that works well for the team.

We make different runs, use the ball differently, so it’s good to keep defenders guessing.


So, on to you personally, who was your favourite player as a child?

David Beckham. I’m a big United fan and his technique and ability on the ball was unreal. I also liked Zidane, played in a similar role, he was skilful and scored great memorable goals.

Beckham is the one!


What’s been your most memorable moment in football?

Easy. Scoring at the old Wembley. I wouldn’t mind someone topping that!

1999, I was 10 years old and it was in the Adidas Predator Community Cup Final. 55,000 were there to watch the Autowindscreen Final between Wigan and Millwall. It was the pre-match game, so the atmosphere was unreal.

I’ve got it on video, so it comes out once a year!

I’ve even still got the boots we got given for free. They’re going for a fortune online, but I won’t be selling mine!

Who’s the best manager you’ve played for and why? [Am I in there?]

There’s a few, but Billy Russell stands out as probably the best. He always kept us level headed. He was a city player himself, so he always made you realise, you were never too good. A stern, disciplined man, but his coaching was brilliant.

When you walked into a room with him, you almost felt like standing to attention, he had that aura about him.

I first met him at 9 years old, but don’t remember him too well then as I was mainly with Adam Lowthorpe from the beginning. But when he came to watch your games as you got older, you just knew his he was there.

I remember, we were playing in a Euro Youth competition in 2000, on the ferry on the way over to Rotterdam, he caught Will Atkinson out of his bunk at 2am, we had a curfew of 11pm and it was well after that… All you heard was “Willlllllllll” in a strong Scottish accent screaming down the corridor!

Not much has been said about what happened but Will was quiet for the next few days!

If they released “Spinks is on fire!” as a song, would you star in the video and where would it be?

Course I would, the skipper Ash Dexter would have to be involved and we’d throw a few dabs about!

We’d need to fly in Rhianna in as backing dancer, because every good video needs a hot bird.

We’d also have the Chairman in there too, Darren in the clubhouse, down at Haworth Park throwing some shapes… make it real!

After playing, what do you think you’ll do? Manager? Coach? Referee?

If I get the chance, I’d like to manage, but I’m not sure I’d be taking seriously.

I’ve played at a decent level and been around good clubs. Also being at a pro club as a boy, I think I know what it takes.

But that’s ages away yet! ha ha


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