chris sinclair - head of PE

Top 3 finish for Sporting Success

Sport is high on the agenda for East Yorkshire based Academy South Hunsley, and their efforts have been rewarded having become the third best school in the UK for sporting success in 2016.

Having placed 16th in 2014, and 13th in 2015, the Melton Secondary school burst into the top 3, with excellent success in non mainstream sports, where specialist talent is few and far between. In order to create a pool of gifted and talented students, it’s important to challenge them.

Mr Uttley says: “It is so important that schools challenge all students academically but also give them opportunities to develop outside the classroom, whether that is through sport, drama, music or any other field.” The executive principal went on to say “Achieving so much academically and in sport really is a reflection of our students’ hard work and commitment in everything they do and of the dedication and professionalism of our staff.”

Based on 20 different sports and with more than 120 different national competitions, the focus is on success in a range of sports, rather thatn single sports as well as competitions with more teams competing.

This really is testiment to Head of PE Chris Sinclair and his team; “To be in the top one per cent of sporting schools in the country is an outstanding achievement for us. “To come in the top three after 16th and 13th places in 2014 and 2015 shows that the hard work and dedication we put in as a team of staff and students.

“We always look to provide excellent sporting opportunities for our students across a range of sports to ensure maximum opportunities for participation.

“As a department, we are incredibly proud of the students sporting achievements over the past year and we look forward to continued success in the future.”

Chris and his team now focus their efforts on 2017, with ensuring the new influx of students understand exactly what they need to do to buy in to this continued progression of success and aim for that number one spot!

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