We’re in Zee final

The most alluring part about the English FA’s DNA, introduced in 2014, is how little coverage it’s getting.

What we’re witnessing is not a fluke, SMO wrote 3 years ago about the traction of England’s DNA Project, and how it’s visibly taking shape, and we’re living the progression of it right now.

The success could be brought to fruition tonight, in the Euro 2020 Final against Italy in front of what will feel like a full Wembley Stadium.

Now, whilst our history with the Germans goes back decades on and off the pitch, there’s no denying, their success on it, has inspired the FA’s DNA Project. Our old rivals have been resolute over a long period of time, they have gone about their business in an efficient and professional manner, it’s not always glamorous, but their single-minded approach at win at all costs, and nothing short of coming first is good enough, has seen sustained success in both winning trophies and regularly going deep into tournament football ~ something that has eluded England since 1966.

What we have reluctantly admired in the Germans over the years you now see in Gareth Southgate’s squad, as well as his unwavering approach for matchday selections and tactics.

Very few have predicted his teams, his decisions before and during a game, and it’s that single-minded and focus that has got us to where we are today, so in Gareth we trust.

We don’t concede, we’re calm on the ball, we’re patient, everyone knows their role, there’s a togetherness, we have courage, we appear humble, the list goes on, and if there’s one element we think we’re always denied of, luck, we got a big chunk in extra time on Wednesday; As the saying goes, you make your own luck!

If you look at the Germany team in 1996, you’ll recognise the traits above, and we all know how that ended.

The England DNA as reported 3 years ago has gone into another gear, and we believe we’ll see the full fruits of it this evening on a memorable July evening in England’s national stadium.

Have a great day, enjoy the game with family and friends and be positive it’s finally coming home!

Ps. We think the Three Lions will do it normal time, and young Raheem Sterling will hammer the final nail in the coffin of his doubters!


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