Apr 27, 2016
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This week saw Team Coyle, The Tommy Coyle Foundation and their supporters host an event with a real difference. ‘Breakfast Box’ held at the impressive Sewell Studio and Tommy Coyle’s East Hull Academy saw the coming together of Tommy, his trainer Jamie Moore and over 50 of Hull’s top businesses including Siemens and Sewell Group to offer insight into what goes in to the preparation of a big fight.

As Tommy works towards his next opponent on May 7th, the businesses who attended saw first-hand the hard work and preparation in Team Coyles locker. Delegates were warmly welcomed by Paul Sewell and EYS one of Tommy’s main sponsors, and then escorted through to the gym to watch Tommy and Jamie sparring together.

The main focus of the event involved was an interview and Q&A with Jamie Moore, Tommy’s partner Holly Riby and Tommy himself warmly compered by Paul Sewell.

It didn’t take long for the experiences of Jamie, Tommy and Holly who has recently completed an academic study into that despite the fact this is a sport on show, there are some crucial lessons in business shining through.

As a sports-related start-up, at times we felt like we were in a business seminar as the insight and intelligence from the panel and Tommy shone through. I began to ask myself, at what point do sport and business cross over? In the world of business, and for anyone who has taken the brave plunge into starting a business, you’ll understand what I say when I refer to us also as ‘fighters’. But does bravery necessarily mean winning?

“You never lose as long as you learn from it’.

For Tommy and what is evidently a great partnership for him in Jamie as two guys sharing determination, heart and ethos, as with any business, it’s about having a great team around you. What Tommy is first to admit is that he looks to learn from those more experienced than him. This is a crucial part in his strategy for Team Coyle and passing his experiences to his younger brothers Joe, Lewie and later down the line Rocco and his son Archie.

Tommy is a heart of gold Hull lad, and at only 26 years of age, is already building a huge legacy in the city, by supporting young people and those in the wider community to get back into sport and access fitness facilities. He is also a really smart business man!

Behind the lights and the façade, as with any business, is a person, family and team. Speaking about psychology and her recent academic study into a 12 weeks fight preparation, Tommy’s fiancé Holly Riby shared her experiences of life with a fighter, and despite the fact that social media can paint a perception for any sports person or business, there is always a true story behind the lights (and in this case one of sacrifice and graft).

Many people will not know that following his fight with Luke Campbell, Tommy spent time working on his father’s stall to seek security and retreat, and ultimately rebuild his confidence. Many people will not see the dogged determination of a young man who runs morning, noon and night, is disciplined beyond anything you could believe with his nutrition and with the support of local sports physiotherapists Flex Health has defied the odds in his elbow ligament detachment recovery to be back in the ring 4 months earlier than he was first advised to.

To quote Tommy Coyle ‘Boxing saved me’, and as he enters an important business phase of his career, he seeks to bring good people and good businesses around him to support Team Coyle in inspiring the City of Hull, support and mentor and give back. And as he catapults towards a Lonsdale belt, European and even World Champion titles, you can’t help but believe it will happen – particularly when the principles of business are firmly behind him.

“The game plan applies till someone gets hit”

Joanne Pinkney – SMO

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