Yorkshire Jets Netball Petition

Yorkshire Jets, the Yorkshire based Superleague franchise have started a petition following them not receiving renewal of their franchise from England Netball.

This means that there will not be a Superleague team based in Yorkshire, and therefore players and the development of talent could be impacted due to additional travel/expense and lack of support locally.

SMO spoke to one parent to find out how this could impact on players:

“My daughter is part of the England Pathway for Humberside and awaiting the decision to find out if she was successful at last months satellite trails. She is also part of the Athlete Development Program run by Yorkshire Jets and has equally developed skills and confidence.  She trialled for this program because of the love for the game and the opportunity to train with her idols. Without a Superleague franchise how will players like my daughter be inspired and motivated, if the local talent of Yorkshire is not promoted?” 

Yorkshire jets have issued a statement via their website and anyone wishing to support the Petition, can sign it here. 

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